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Note: May contain traces of inhumanity, monosodium glutamate, and transsexualism.

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Coldawg 16/OCT
The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza The zaza
xnichsts 13/OCT
Moin moin
scateater 08/OCT
PotatoScience3000 06/OCT
still love it! even though its laggy!!! you should make lore for the website!!!!! like an ARG!!!!!!!!!
daddy nigger 03/OCT
I love you my homies
kristall 26/SEP
ha ha i can make the eyes cry!
wordrc 26/SEP
out of all the people on the internet this surely is one of the best ones
fish 22/SEP
hi caltorp
KittyKat752 06/SEP
Nya nya
little gay russian letter 03/SEP
i love the russian alphabet so much :3
cum master 01/SEP
fhe2 24/AUG
do not spell icup
⸻Kreeme⸻ 06/AUG
Copyleft 2023 textwall is good
i am a deer :3 31/JUL
the girls have arrived
nk 21/JUL
Guest-1052 18/JUL
cool projects, i liked playing with plop
fish 13/JUL
hi caltorp
Cheez 07/JUL
wow, very cool. awesome infact
Taechi - Yes 20/JUN
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj 12/JUN
\hi 07/JUN
Just a Luigi#2041 05/JUN
Nice change! only thing is that it takes forever to load :\
PotatoScience3000 05/JUN
this is very impressive! love the eyes!
Water-addicted L.K. Meowzer/SL 02/JUN
the eyes follow. pawmazingsauce!
invalid scug aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 02/JUN
Finakawaii 30/MAY
i love you and your projects so much lil bean
wead 30/MAY
optional message
Frigidus El Frighet 26/MAY
Its a wonderful and pretty website, maybe the eyes watching you r too much, haha
your dear therapist 25/MAY
removes the wawa from your cage- i mean room
fredi 25/MAY
hi :3
RubixYT 24/MAY
hi there
Pseudonym 10/MAY
Optional Message
[object Object] 07/MAY
one time i went to go on a walk 04/MAY
i wanted to go and see some trees but they were outside so i walked out so i could see them. by walking i was able to get around and then i saw the trees. i wanted to see the trees but they were outside so i had to walk to see the trees. then i went inside and there was no trees
aketo 30/APR
your mom 28/APR
cum monster
im a kitty im a small kitty cat 25/APR
oops i didnt see the site redesign yet but this is cool (but also its running at 5 fps and took 30 seconds to load but its probably all my fault
Caltrop 22/APR
Im caltrop
nolle (noelle) 22/APR
RAhhRahh 19/APR
Cattus 17/APR
ur gay
caltorp 13/APR
im caltorp
pastry 11/APR
you’re so real I love you so much
Dani 08/APR
Heyy, nice site :)
Rob 07/APR
gg 06/APR
hellu 06/APR
Elster 05/APR
this is a good website
dubiously real Shigeru Miyamoto 05/APR
She's so cool!
Cassie 05/APR
Omg this site is so cool.... I really should make a site that's sick like this one
thingies 05/APR
Squish 04/APR
Will we still be able to access the other pages through the main page? e.g. tetris
Helena 04/APR
No último Agosto, Martin Axelrad ... faleceu em Roma. Um grande defensor do direito de cada um decidir seu próprio fim, sua última luta foi para conseguir que os doutores parassem sua incessante terapia, e deixassem ele morrer em paz.
Clod 04/APR
fish 04/APR
hi caltorp
the real Shigeru Miyamoto 04/APR
I didn't say that! but it's true regardless :)
toemah 04/APR
"She's so cool!" - Shigeru Miyamoto
mehbark 04/APR
april 04/APR
fagments of caltorp
puwa 04/APR
meow :333
SlugReal 04/APR

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