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An Easy to use R9K Bot

R9K (short for Robot 9000) is an experimental mode of moderation inspired by XKCD.

The bot attempts to improve a channel's signal-to-noise ratio by requiring all messages to be unique. Every time a message is sent into the selected channel the bot will compare it to all previously sent messages, if it's deemed too similar the message will be deleted. If the user keeps sending unoriginal messages they will be temporarily muted based on the number of infractions.

This system will promote slower but more thought-out conversation amongst members. Shortly after all the filler messages have been used up members will have to resort back to having more verbose yet constructive conversations with each other. The channels in which early prototypes of this bot were tested quickly became favourites amongst the userbase for offering both consistently solid discussion and enjoyable casual conversation.

How does the bot deal with people trying to circumvent the filter?

As you can imagine there are a lot of ways to bypass the filter, and while the bot tries to account for the most basic tactics it wont catch everyone. This is why it has an inbuilt mute command, which the moderators of your server can use to punish members which aren't participating in the spirit of R9K.

Won't the bot get in the way of quality conversation?

Surprisingly, no, it rarely does. The amount of possible messages grows super-expontentially with the length of the message, just using latin characters a 10 character long message will have 4032914611266056355840000000 possible combinations! For common parts of conversations such as yeah you will have to simply elaborate on what you agree with and why.

What about images, embeds, emojis, etc?

While the bot is mainly designed to handle text, it also deals with images, embeds, emojis, and more just fine. Duplicated image posts will be detected just as well as duplicated messages. You can read more in the implementation details.