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38topelbbocagem 10/NOV/23
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Sharkbait584 09/NOV/23
Frigidus 09/NOV/23
I hope yu are doing well, we miss yu, rest well
DozitMatte 09/NOV/23
I haven't interacted with anyone here, but the works of this person were fascinating. Rest well, Sarah
someone 08/NOV/23
Never talked to you, i just know you made good memories for my friends and close ones. rest easy
Preston 07/NOV/23
I know I didn't really talk to Sarah much, but everytime I did it was a wonderful experience. And I truly wouldn't be the person that I am today without Fluffcord. I wish that I talked to her more, and I have so many regrets. Fly high Sarah, you truly were an Angel on Earth.
No 07/NOV/23
We still miss you, it isn't easy, and the fuckheads attacking the inftext suck ass.
I’m gonna try to make this short 07/NOV/23
A person 05/NOV/23
I discovered Sarah's text wall website, and then I went down a deep rabbit hole and realized what happened to her. Well, wherever you are now, I hope you're doing well.
Joe 27/OCT/23
I was never religious but I want to believe that you're in a better place now and you're finally happy. I'm gonna miss you for the rest of my life. I swear to whatever God there is that I will never forget you. I just wish I could hug you one last time and tell you I love you
bb 27/OCT/23
Derpimaions 26/OCT/23
Rest well, and please keep an eye out for cheese up there.
Joe 25/OCT/23
Page 24/OCT/23
I'm sorry about assuming you were just another person when I saw you. I didn't know who you were or what happened until it was too late. Rest in peace, Sarahphim.
Nikki 23/OCT/23
Hey Sarah, we may have not talked a lot but to me, you were always a huge inspiration. The way you expressed yourself, the way you interacted with your friends and the way you managed to make people around us laugh. RIP , now heaven gained another angel <3
Ki 23/OCT/23
Hey Sarah. I know we haven't talked often but I hope you know that whenever we did, you were nothing but amazing and kind. I'm happy I was able to get to know you a little bit and I wish we could've talked more. Rest in peace, angel <3
SM 20/OCT/23
I wish we could’ve met. I hope you’re resting now. Sleep well, stardust <3
lukie 20/OCT/23
Ava-Talia 20/OCT/23
Hi Sarah, although we might not have talked much, you were always dear to me. When i expressed sadness you were there to comfort me. I am sorry i couldn't do the same for you in these final days. Thank you for gracing my life with your presence. Not everyone gets to meet an angel
Danielle 20/OCT/23
I didn't know you were sick... I wish I checked in more often, thank you for being a friend and I hope you are at peace where ever you are... much love <3
Thomas 20/OCT/23
Sarah I am so sorry, I am so sorry for those you loved and those that loved you. You were a true beacon for so many, I looked up to you tremendously. I can only hope you are at peace at last. Until we see each other again tiny light.
Susie/Q 20/OCT/23
Sarah, thank you for fucking everything. You made an impact on me that will last forever. For all the times I felt upset, there were dozens of times I felt happy, you shall never be forgotten. Your time here was well spent, you were the brightest tiny light. Proles live forever!!
Ariel "Occultist" 19/OCT/23
Thank you for everything Sarah. You have made me the person I am today, both directly and indirectly. An angel on earth. Rest in peace.
Elster 19/OCT/23
I will miss you.
ICP 19/OCT/23
You were a light that curbed cynicism and despair around you. Your time here moved me in so many ways, and your departure so many more. I hope that w you’ve found peace in whatever is or isn’t out there.
leah 19/OCT/23
Rest in peace.❤️
Anonymouse 4820 19/OCT/23
As the loss of you were done,all this, volume control,etc. ALL Lost. hope i see u again!
Chloe 19/OCT/23
It's a shame I didn't talk to you more and it's a shame I didn't get to know you better. But, from my limited time of talking to you, you were a really sweet person. I want to thank Alice for inviting me to Fluffcord. It's a shame I joined so late. Rest in peace, angel. ❤️
mabel 19/OCT/23
hope i can see you again
legume 19/OCT/23
hi sarah. i have no idea if theres any way you will see this, but i just wanted to say. thank you for changing and saving our lives. you were such a kind and sweet person and you have made your positive impact on this world. to everyone else grieving, i wish only the best. <33333
carlos 19/OCT/23
my sincere condolences to her close friends and family, may she rest in eternal peace.
jesse cox 19/OCT/23
im sorry for your loss
Robin 19/OCT/23
It warms my heart to see how many other people got to know Sarah and pay respect to her and her brilliant mind. She was like a star passing by us on her way to the cosmos. Watching our shows won't be the same without you, Sarah, but I'll treasure everything that you showed me.
Ziron 19/OCT/23
I wish I was more active. You were a wonderful person and my condolences go out to your family. I don't know if I can find the words to express it, but we will all miss you. Rest well.
Xyz 19/OCT/23
When I leave this world will you come for me?
restplz 19/OCT/23
I wish I stayed longer. my heart goes out to you and everyone
Clod 19/OCT/23
there is nothing i can say to explain how i've felt since i learned what happened. you were and are loved so dearly. i wish i could still let you know that. sleep well, stardust.
slugcatreal 19/OCT/23
I remember when you sent me this site and I was the first one to log a message in the guestbook. It pains that it is in this manner that I must use it again. Only the tears flowing across my cheeks can describe the emotions going through me. Sleep well, stardust, Love you. -Sati
kuroo 19/OCT/23
I love you, I miss you, I am sorry
B. 19/OCT/23
Not a single day will go by where i wont miss you. Remember when we always hung out after primary school on mondays? I really looked forwards to mondays because of you
Flip 19/OCT/23
I know it had been several years since we last spoke, but you and your creations have changed mine and so many others' lives in so many ways. Rest well Sarah, we miss you.
Cattus 18/OCT/23
You brought great joy to this world. May you rest in eternal peace.
Volpe 18/OCT/23
Hey Sarah. Thank you for helping me be the best me possible and allowing me to learn from you. You have inspired me more than you ever could know. Gonna be listening to post-rock for the rest of my life because of you. I miss you already. Love ya. You won't be forgotten.
toast 18/OCT/23
Never met, but always seen. Sarah was kind to those she came across. I just hope she is in peace. I've been through the loss of others before. Get help from those close to you. Enjoy your time and love wisely. I hope Sarah's friends , family, and Fluffcord can be at peace.
chlod 18/OCT/23
you were always so kind. even now, i still feel the impact you made to my life five years ago. i'm sorry we never talked much recently; i would have wanted to say this to you directly. i miss you. sleep well.
panda 18/OCT/23
its very hard for me to process the fact that this happened to someone as loved as you. you were always so bright and great to everyone, i'm so sorry that it ended this way. we all miss you. i know I'll have you in my thoughts for a long time, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
Kristall 18/OCT/23
I never managed to say this while you were with us Sarah, but you were one of a kind. An amazing person with a brilliant mind, who was a positive influence on everyone around it. I wish we couldve talked more, that you were still here. We love you, you will not be forgotten
Tea 18/OCT/23
Even if I've never truly expressed it, I've never have been grateful to have a friend like you. I hope the afterlife will be good to you, keep being you. Never let anything change that fact.
Andrew 18/OCT/23
i don't think ill ever be able to believe that this happened, I wish I could've made peace between you and I, I hope you're resting on a soft cloud now, I always respected you for staying true to yourself, even if I had gotten into spats with you. we all love and miss you.
fish 18/OCT/23
i'm sorry
lammy 18/OCT/23
It's always painful to lose someone you cared about so much, and thinking if you could have done anything to stop that. I may not have been present in their lives at all, but I have deep condolences for those who lost something so special and dear to them.
CHeez 18/OCT/23
You are already missed. I never talked to you much but your presence was always felt and appreciated. Goodbye Sarah, you were loving and you will reamin loved.
Cassie 18/OCT/23
I can't even begin to explain the positive impact you've had me. You were the best of us. Sleep well, stardust.
Nota 18/OCT/23
You were a positive inclusion in my life. All I can do now is hope you felt about me the same way. Sorry for taking you for granted. I have regrets that will never matter anymore. You deserved a better me that I never gave you. A better me you won't ever see me become. I'm sorry.
Abigail 18/OCT/23
a bright soul, intelligent and kind. although i hadn't kept in touch as much as i would've liked to recently i really do love and respect her. i'm glad to have known her as a friend. may the stubborn lights fight on
meogen 18/OCT/23
i've never known you. i've barely talked in the spaces in which you reside, but with the amount of grieving i've seen, i know just how incredible of a person you are. i've seen the impact you have. if it turns out i can, i look forward to meeting you sometime.
Clay 18/OCT/23
sarah loved us and i wish for her to know we all love her back more than is imaginable
brionna 18/OCT/23
May you rest well Sarah, I wish I could have helped you, this doesn't feel real at all.
Dakoda 18/OCT/23
You told me I was cool. I wish I got to learn what that meant to you. I'll miss you, forever unique in your thoughts. I wish I knew the beauty of them.
anonymous goose 18/OCT/23
i’m so sorry. i wish we could’ve talked further. sleep well
hecko 18/OCT/23
it doesn't feel real, and i doubt it ever will may your tiny lights stubbornly thrive in every way possible
the_mad_duck 18/OCT/23
I'm sorry to have never met you, it seems we would have had a lot in common. May you rest in peace.
Seanie 18/OCT/23
I'm so sorry Sarah. I wish we had known how to help how you have helped us. sleep well stardust
aurora 18/OCT/23
i'm going to miss you sarah. safe travels, the seraphim will treat you with all the respect in the world
Anonymous 18/OCT/23
I have never talked to you in my life, but you seemed like such a sweet soul. May you rest peacefully in another realm of existence. You will be missed dearly.
Goat & Watch 18/OCT/23
I am very sorry, many people cared about you, I hope people will remember you till the end of time, I believe its what you deserved. I am sorry on behalf of all the strife on your life. Best wishes to your friends and family, and wherever you may be now.
Bouncy 18/OCT/23
I never got to know you anywhere near as much as I should have, and now I never will. I'm sorry, sarah.
Epsii 18/OCT/23
Love you, sarah. Your stubborn little lights are still here with me.
pastry 18/OCT/23
i'll still read whipping girl, don't worry
alisa 18/OCT/23
sleep well stardust
Puwa 18/OCT/23
I'm sorry
Stevie 18/OCT/23
I wish I could have made more of the time I knew you . I miss you
Emerald 18/OCT/23
I can't believe you're gone... Rest in peace, Sarah. I miss you already...
Helena 18/OCT/23
We loved you. We still do.
Rocket 18/OCT/23
I don't know what will happen now, but I don't think I've signed before. So while I still can..

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