Hihihihiiiii Hi

I still have some work to do setting all this up, excuse the mess (╯•﹏•╰)

Contact me at sarah@caltrop.dev for questions and concerns,,

You can check out some of my thingies in the meantime!!


Yeah! It's one of those falling-sand games,,

You can paint different elements on a canvas and watch them interact with each other in fun and cute ways! It also includes a bunch of other neat stuff like a fluid-simulation to model wind and airfriction. Try it out here or play it through the iFrame on the left :)

This was one of my first WebAssembly projects,, I coded all the game-logic in C and that was... an experience. The source code ended up a lot more messy than i had hoped for (/ˍ・、) But that's okie! It still turned out really comfy :}


A collaborative /r/place-inspired installation! You have 16 colors and an infinite* canvas to paint on with your friends (or alone)

I made this one quite a while ago and it is s a bit janky at times, but all the cute little drawings contributed to it by the various people that have visited it over the years still makes it worth a look :]

*not actually infinite, just very very large;;;


i forgor why i made this;;