Hihihihiiiii Hi

I still have some work to do setting all this up, excuse the mess (╯•﹏•╰)

Contact me at sarah@caltrop.dev for questions and concerns,,

You can check out some of my thingies in the meantime!!

Urbex stuffss

pictures of sarah where sarah shouldn't be


An infinite canvas of text to edit and explore! All changes and edits you make are visible to all other visitors in real time!

A vast sea of trans flags, conversations, cats, and ASCII-art.


Yeah! It's one of those falling-sand games,,

You can paint different elements on a canvas and watch them interact with each other in fun and cute ways! It also includes a bunch of other neat stuff like a fluid-simulation to model wind and airfriction. Try it out here or play it through the iFrame on the left :)

This was one of my first WebAssembly projects,, I coded all the game-logic in C and that was... an experience. The source code ended up a lot more messy than i had hoped for (/ˍ・、) But that's okie! It still turned out really comfy :}


A collaborative /r/place-inspired installation! You have 16 colors and an infinite* canvas to paint on with your friends (or alone)

I made this one quite a while ago and it is s a bit janky at times, but all the cute little drawings contributed to it by the various people that have visited it over the years still makes it worth a look :]

*not actually infinite, just very very large;;;


i forgor why i made this;;